My Experience as a Johannesburg Resident and Intern

My name is Allen and I’m currently on the

SE.ED Work Experience Programme. I live in

the beautiful and vibrant Braamfontein and it’s a brilliant location! I’m an intern at Revive Electrical Transformers i

n Klipriver.


Adapting to a whole new working environment was not easy. The people at Revive made me feel welcome.

My manager also motivates me a lot and always makes me see that the sky is the limit. Honestly, I once thought that being a Human Resource Administrator was my dream.  But I’ve found a real passion for doing Admin. By realising that my heart is not within HR, I’ve decided to study Management Assistant next year.


By working and living in Johannesburg, I have come to realise that there is so much happening and so much more to life than what we see. I’ve realised that I see myself living here in the near future. This year I’ve really grown and I’ve done things that I’m not used to,
like attending festivals and just exploring a city with

the beautiful lights.


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