A Re-cap of Socio-Economic Development work done in 2016

Knowledge Pele has begun the work of fostering a new development path for Touwsrivier, one that is defined by a focus on education and skills and aimed at fostering

sustainable local economic growth. Touwsrivier Socio-Economic and Enterprise Development (SE.ED) programmes, funded by the 36 MW Solar Plant (CPV 1)

located near the town, were launched on the
5th of December 2016. The SE.ED programmes consist
of 4 main programmes, namely the Experience Works programme, the Bursary Fund, Enterprise 4 South Africa and Enterprise Starter Pack.

The Experience Works Programme

The Experience Works programme is aimed at improving the employability of trainees while exposing them to various opportunities in their respective career development paths. Overall, the programme aims to

develop skills needed to boost the development

of Touwsrivier. The programme placed 10 candidates in Johannesburg based companiers and provided them with on-the-job development opportunities.
The programme provides full funding for living expenses and a monthly stipend. Read Full Article Here.

The Bursary Fund

The Bursary Fund programme is aimed at supporting the development of technical skills to feed into the skills base required to spur local economic development in

Touwsrivier. Candidates were funded to attend Electrical engineering courses at West Coast TVET College. A total of 8 candidates were supported to pursue their studies in electrical engineering and related fields. This funding provided full cover for tuition and accommodation and provided a monthly stipend. Read Full Article Here.

Enterprise 4 South Africa

The Enterprise 4 South Africa programme is aimed at supporting existing businesses in Touwsriver to achieve sustainability. The programme supported 7 local businesses by pairing them with consultants and providing seed funding. Read Full Article Here.

SE.ED 2016 Career Expo

Knowledge Pele hosted a Career Expo on the 24 th of September 2016 in Touwsrivier. The main aim of the fair was to provide a platform for community members to access information about and apply for the SE.ED

programmes. The career fair included the
following elements: Read Full Article Here.

SE.ED Change Agents

As part of the move to provide greater access to the SE.ED programmes for Touwsrivier, Knowledge Pele has identified SE.ED Change agents! Change Agents are

participants of SE.ED programmes who have shown great potential and interest in driving change in their community. They are committed to supporting Touwsriver transform into a thriving community with opportunities for all.
They lead by example, contribute to the community’s development and inspire the next generation of young leaders to make a lasting impact! Read Full Article Here.

Reflections From The Community Liaison Officer Trainee

I am currently a community liaison trainee intern at Knowledge Pele. Knowledge Pele is a research and advisory firms that designs and implements programmes for energy communities. I am from a small energy community called Touwsrivier. The community has a population of about 8000 people. Touwsrivier has a low employment rate and with the SE.ED programmes( Work experience programmes, Bursary programmes and Enterprise Development programmes) Knowledge Pele has implemented, Read Full Article Here.

My Experience As A Johannesburg Resident and Intern

My name is Allen and I’m currently on the

SE.ED Work Experience Programme. I live in

the beautiful and vibrant Braamfontein and it’s a brilliant location! I’m an intern at Revive Electrical Transformers

in Klipriver. Adapting to a whole new working environment was not easy. The people at Revive made me feel welcome. My manager also motivates me a lot and always makes me see that the sky is the limit.

Read Full Article Here.

My Experience As An Intern

My name is Sheryl-lee Arries I am 19 years old and I recently matriculated in 2015. I applied for the Work Experience Bursary Programme in 2015 and I’m currently an Intern at Benguela Global Fund Managers, an asset

management company. My job here was basically to compile news articles of the renewable energy sector as a contribution to our daily morning meetings, learning the fundamentals of the business and the process of analysing and valuating a company.

Read Full Article Here.

Our Community Needs Fixing

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to have a drug-free community, a community where every learner puts their time and effort into their schoolwork and a

community that creates jobs? Apartheid made it very hard for us as people with colour. We’ve been corrupted

from our education. These days it’s different. All we want to do is complete school, study, work and be satisfied.

Read Full Article Here.

Ons Ervaring  In Johannesburg

Ons name is Charlton Smith en Shane Solomons. Ons is tans deel van die Werks Ondervinding Program wat geontwerp en geimplementeer is deur Knowledge Pele.

Ons is aangestel by ‘n maatskappy met die naam,
LH Marthinusen wat gebaseer is in Denver, Johannesburg. Ons tuiste is in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Die maatskappy waar ons werk spesiliaseer ondermeer in transformators en motors.

Ons ontvang tans opleiding as junior tegnikuste.

Read Full Article Here.

Die Impak Van Studielenings En Beurse, Asook Wat Dit Behels

Finansiele ondersteuning van tersiere opleidings is gewoonlik ‘n nagmerrie vir ouers en kinders wanneer dit kom by die beplanning van studies. Jaarliks sit ouers

en matrikulante met hulle hande in hulle hare. Om studies aan ‘n tersiere instelling te voltooi is duur. Gelukkig is daar instansies wat deur middel van studielenings en beurse bereid is om ouers te help. Read Full Article Here.


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