SE.ED 2016 Career Expo

As part of the move to provide greater access to the SE.ED programmes for Touwsrivier, Knowledge Pele has identified SE.ED Change agents! Change Agents are

participants of SE.ED programmes who have shown great potential and interest in driving change in their community. They are committed to supporting Touwsriver transform into a thriving community with

opportunities for all. They lead by example, contribute to the community’s development and inspire the next generation of young leaders to make a lasting impact!

The Change Agents main role is to provide guidance to the community on how they can get involved in the SE.ED programmes and what the benefits are for them.
They also will continue to lead by example by

participating in various community outreach programmes!

To get in touch with change agents, visit our website, or our Facebook page: Touwsrivier SE.ED.



The Touwsrivier SE.ED programmes are an opportunity for all members of the community to invest in their personal growth and development while contributing to the local economic development of the community. To get involved, apply for programmes or learn more about the programmes, get in contact with us via our platforms.

Facebook: Touwsrivier SE.ED

Together, we can ensure that the community of Touwsrivier will be selfsufficient and thriving well after the power plant is decommissioned in 2035 by continuing to invest in people and local economic development!


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