Our Community Needs Fixing

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to have a drug-free community, a community where every learner puts their time and effort into their schoolwork and a

community that creates jobs? Apartheid made it very hard for us as people with colour. We’ve been corrupted

from our education.


These days it’s different. All we want to do is complete school, study, work and be satisfied. As a whole we

can change the mindset of our community.

We should not tell our children that school is boring, instead we should motivate and push them. We should let them know that the sky is the limit and they can be anything if they set their mind to it. Parents should

motivate them by telling them that school was the best part of their life.


A true fact in our community is that a lot children have talent. In fact, God gave everyone special talents and that should make them know that they have enough potential. The main issue is thus that we don’t have the equipment to let the children explore their talents. We need projects

for the youth and not only for the youth, but the community also. We need a multi-purpose centre.0

A centre where children can act, play sports, write,

sing and most importantly receive discipline.


We also need labs, media classes, libraries and bible studies, where children can grow in their religion. I know my idea for my community would be a success, because Knowledge Pele will help me achieve my dream

for my community!


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