SE.ED 2016 Career Expo

Knowledge Pele hosted a Career Expo on

the 24 th of September 2016 in Touwsrivier. The main aim of the fair was to provide a platform for community members to access information about and apply for the SE.ED programmes. The career fair included the

following elements:


• Motivational talk by Oscar Petersen, a comedian who was raised in Touwsrivier and is well known
in the community.

• Self- starter master classes that focused on providing career guidance, CV writing and interview preparation for participants of the career fair.

• Stalls/opportunities for all E4SA businesses to showcase their products/ services and work done throughout the year to improve their businesses


• Stalls for small businesses from Cape Town, Worcester and Johannesburg to showcase their businesses and tell the story of how they went about starting their businesses and various opportunities available in their sector.


• Participation of current SE.ED programme beneficiaries in the day as part of their community outreach programme. SE.ED beneficiaries assisted with planning of the career fair, accepting applications and providing

insights to community members who were interested in applying for the programmes.


In the run up to the Career Expo, Knowledge Pele ran an essay writing competition at De Kruine High School.

Competition entrants were asked to submit a 500 word essay where they discuss how they saw Touwsrivier in 20 years and the innovative intervention they would

implement to grow Touwsrivier and provide opportunities for youth to succeed. The competition was open to Grade 10 – 12 pupils and the winner of the competition

would receive a laptop! The winner of the competition, Ashley Leendertz, envisioned a multi-purpose centre where the community of Touwsrivier can participate in extra mural activies and access various skills development training.


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