My Experience as an Intern

My name is Sheryl-lee Arries I am 19 years old and I recently matriculated in 2015. I applied for the Work Experience Bursary Programme in 2015 and I’m currently an Intern at Benguela Global Fund Managers, an asset

management company. My job here was basically to compile news articles of the renewable energy sector as a contribution to our daily morning meetings, learning the fundamentals of the business and the process of analysing and valuating a company.


Moving to Johannesburg was a great experience. Living alone, making new friends and adapting to the new surroundings was a challenge on its own.


Coming from a small town with no tertiary education

and jumping straight into the work force was not easy, but luckily I wasn’t alone. I had a great support structure at work and as well from the group of Touwsrivier.


This experience truly opened my eyes to so many things. It pushed me to my limits and made me bring out the kind of potential I never thought I had in me! It made me

realise that there is so much more to this world and it enabled me to dream bigger. Knowledge Pele exposed us to so many opportunities to move forward in to becoming successful people. With this programme we

all gained the kind of experience others are struggling

to get.


This programme gave me the assurance of a bursary at the end of thisyear. And with that I aspire to complete my

studies and to once more rise above my circumstances.


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